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Replace Samsung Free with Google Discover on Home Screen

(Topic created on: 05-01-2024 01:43 PM)

My US variant S20+ shows Samsung Free as the only option for having on the Home Screen (Swipe right from Home Page).  My version of Samsung Free does not show UK English as an optional Region - I guess that is because it is a US variant phone (SM-G986U1).  I can Customise Samsung News to look at UK and local news. I have tried to delete the Samsung Free App but this is not possible.  When I try and search the Google Play Store, Google Discover is not there - I also notice the Google Discover App is not available even when I look for it with a UK variant phone

So my questions are 2 fold

1.  is there a way of replacing the US version of Samsung Free with the UK version so I can select Region UK English

2. Is there a way of adding Google News/Discover in place of, or in addition to, Samsung Free on the Home Screen (full right swipe position rather than just adding a Google News Widget to a Home page)

Many thanks, Mike