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RAW Files not appearing at all in Gallery, but appear in Files

(Topic created on: 11-03-2024 07:39 AM)
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I always used to download RAW images from my dslr camera to my S20, directly into my SD card no problem. This time round I decided to download them to my phone since it was faster than transfering to my SD card, when I did this I would then transfer files over to the SD. 

I downloaded the first batch fine and they all appeared in my gallery and I transfered them to my SD successfully, then when I tried the 2nd batch, after I had clicked the button to send the photos to my SD, nothing happened, and all the images just didnt show up. However they would appear in the files section.

After experimenting with shuffling different photos around different albums from my sd card to internal storage, All the SD card photos from this newly downloaded batch just didnt appear in the gallery, however appeared in the Files application. (I still could see previous RAW files from previous downloads). I even tried moving non-raw images and they would disappear aswell as soon as i transferred them to the same album that my RAW images were in, but when I transfer them back to their original album, they would appear, but if I try this with my RAW images, no matter what album I put them in, they would not appear. 

This has never happened to me before, Im tempted to delete all the photos and redownload them, or atleast try downloading new photos.

EDIT: Literally 30 minutes later the photo album is appearing, with the photos in it, but about half are just dark grey, and when clicking on them, they are just black images. Its also caused my recent album to not show any of my pictures at all, all of them come up as grey, I mean literally all the photos in my gallery ever