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camera error S20+

(Topic created on: 26-06-2022 10:18 PM)
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Galaxy S20 Series
Since the version G9860ZCU3FVE4, I couldn't open the camera.
I first found the problem after updating version G9860ZCS3FVD1 to G9860ZCU3FVE4. When I opened the apps to scan QR code, it always showed that the app does not have permission to open the camera. At the time, the camera itself were still working. I could open the camera and took pictures.
But, after 2 or 4 days, I couldn't open the camera either. When I open the camera app, I showed 'camera error' and crash to homepage. I tried *#0*#. Test 'MEGA CAM', it crashed unexpecredly. Test 'Front CAMERA', I could see myself and took pictures. Test 'TOF CAMERA TEST', it showed 'RD1: PASS'. Besides, Falshlight still works.
Today, I update to a new version G9860ZCU3FVF2 after 20 days. The camera still showed error and crashed.