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Auto correct

(Topic created on: 09-08-2021 08:26 PM)
Galaxy S20 Series
I am having major problems with auto correct on my s20fe.
It can take me many attempts to correct any text that I input. I can also correct it perfectly and when I press the send button, it send out a completely different bit of text.
Its so bad that I sent a feed back and it was returned to me. I could not follow it at all. No way would I have sent a document that was totally stupid. Makes me wonder if other emails and feedbacks have also been changed. Never happens if I use my Motorola z3
Samsung Maker ★★
Galaxy S20 Series

Hi @Hwalker1 

Auto correct is a good tool to have but it does obviously need to be accurate.

May I assume your using the Samsung Keyboard  ?

Try clearing the keyboard cache via Settings, Apps, Samsung Keyboard,  Storage, Clear Cache. You can clear Data but this could delete your saved words and any text shortcuts you've added.

You could try resetting it via Settings, General Management, Samsung Keyboard Settings, Reset to Default Settings. 

This will delete any saved worlds and text shortcuts.

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If all else fails perhaps look to a 3rd party keyboard available on the Playstore.

There are quite a few to try out.


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