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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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@Rosieg wrote:

Yes so have I it's ridiculous isn't it. I've even had an email from Klarna's website advertising using them to make any purchases!!! Would if I could!! Considering I've had numerous deposits taken, credit accepted three times but couldn't sign agreement and declined credit on the fourth it's laughable.. Not... 😡 admittedly had phone call yesterday from Klarna assuring me they would sort it quickly hmmm we shall see!

Yes, i also find that quite ironic, they have a huge advertising campaign on the tube about using them with ease, if only.... 

Community Manager

I know it's taking some time, but we're getting there. I've been shared some information about the type of credit searches that are done, I hope that this helps. 




A Message from Klarna about credit checks

We have investigated reports from some customers of multiple hard credit searches showing up on customer files following the application process. Our investigations have concluded that we are not making multiple hard credit searches, however, we are now working with Transunion to understand why they are informing customers that there are.  


For clarity, the process is that one hard credit search is made at the start of the first application along with a number of soft searches. For any subsequent applications within a 90 day period, only additional soft searches will be made. Soft searches are required for our ID, KYC, and AML checks, and are only visible to you and do not affect your ability to apply for any other credit. 


Please be rest assured that if we do identify any additional hard credit checks made by Klarna they will be removed. This may take up to 5 working days to complete. We will write to any customers affected by this to confirm that this request is being submitted.


So far no one from Klarna has contacted me, but having checked credit Karma again, the hard searches seem to go from 4 down to 1. 


In that case I thought i would apply again (seeing as the above post states they wont search again), though even though its not greyed out, it says the S20 Ultra is now out of stock, so I am unable to even start the process again.


With us having this issue, does this mean I have now missed out on this offer? Especially having previously being told to have patience to resolve the issue? Or is there something that can be done to get us the pre order we whould have had over a week a go?





ALso, Am I missing something, my initial application I was applying for the phone at a cost of £1199 (S20 Ultra), now it is showing £1399? That was for the 128gb version by the way.


Edit: Never mind it removed the item from my basket automatically 




That will be the 512GB version 




It was showing as the 128gb version @ £1399 in by basket. There must have been an error or something as it removed itself after a few min (while i started to google the price) 


Oh well, Im close to giving up.


@AidenC I'm after the ultra myself, it's been going in and out of stock all day =/


I think all the people that tried to pre order and were not able to should be promised a handset by Samsung, with the pre order buds.


It would have been nice if they could have waived the deposit as an apology. 

But then again they haven't even come out and made a statement saying sorry. 


Well it's done ordered with confirmation email from Samsung.

I would like to thank everyone on here especially the mods who help resolve the issues we had, I used Edge on S10 as advised by Klarna.

I hope all who want the Ultra manage to order it when there's  more stock.  

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