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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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What model of ultra  is reporting out of stock . I just checked and you can select both colours which are added to the basket , the only one you can't  select  is the cosmic black 512gb ultra.


@Adamw969 wrote:


After days of trying to upgrade. Conversations on the phone with samsung (no help whatsoever) I still cannot upgrade. And what's better it's now out of stock. I'm so mad, wasted so much time trying to do this. Absolute joke from Samsung. Not acceptable from a company of this size in my opinion. Wont be trying any more, Samsung has lost the sale of a S20 Ultra.



Because 512GB is grey only lol 

And he have 16 GB memory 


The 0808 189 333 number is incorrect,  you are missing a digit, it should be 11 digits.

I think it is 0808 189 3333,  that is the  one I used last week which worked 


@SachikoT wrote:

Just to make sure that both existing participants in the thread and new members are able to see some content we have previously shared, we have provided some FAQs to help people who are experiencing issues with their Upgrade Programme. 


@SachikoT wrote:


Round 2 - now with FAQs

Round 3 - Update to About Signing your Agreement'  and  Rejected Upgrade Programme. 


Hi Samsung Upgrade Community.


We are really sorry that you have been having a hard time at what should be an exciting time, when you get a new Galaxy in your life.


The moderators have alerted all the right people so which has helped us tackle what you have encountered. We’ve been working with our Samsung Upgrade partner Klarna Bank AB over the last few days to improve this experience.


About Signing the agreement

  • ****We are aware that of some issues impacting customers going through the Upgrade Programme. A fix has been implementaed and you can use the 'Sign the Agreement' element of the Terms and Conditions. Once this has been done:
  • You should be able to sign the agreement on any browser and as a part of Klarna’s standard credit application you need to review the Terms and Conditions of the agreement in its entirety by scrolling down to the very bottom.  
  • The “I sign the agreement” button will become available and you will then be able to proceed by clicking on that button. This will complete the credit agreement. Once the agreement has been signed Samsung will then be able to create an order and issue the order confirmation email.
  • If you have any problems with this now, post here letting us know your browser and what you’re facing. We’ll get this sorted for you.


About your Deposits

  • If you haven’t been able to sign the credit agreement but passed the deposit collection stage, the funds have only been reserved by Klarna for the deposit payment, and no funds will actually be debited from your bank account.
  • Klarna are actively monitoring incomplete applications that are affected by this and will ensure that the reservations of deposits are released. This may take a few days to reflect on your bank account depending on how quickly your bank can action the removal request.
  • If you have had duplicate deposits (taken not pending)  please contact Klarna at: 0808-189-333 |


About Credit Checks

  • If you have attempted to place a Samsung Upgrade Programme order multiple times and have been unsuccessful in completing the credit application process and you are concerned this will have a negative impact on your credit impact please contact Klarna to discuss your individual case with Klarna at: 0808-189-333 |


Question and Answers 


I can't 'Sign the Agreement', what should I do?  

  • Currently, there is a browser compatibility issue with this element of the page and a fix is being worked on.
    • You can use alternative browsers, like MS Edge and others referenced by the Community to do this
    • OR, wait until the fix is available.


I have a (or a few) pending transaction deposit from Klarna (with no confirmations from Samsung or Klarna), what should I do? 

  • All pending transaction deposits where you haven't received a confirmation from Samsung or Klarna will be refunded. The refund of this pending transaction deposit will depending on how quickly your bank can action this.
  • You'll need to go through the submission process again.


I have had multiple deposits taken and have multiple confirmations from Samsung or Klarna, what should I do? 


I have received a confirmation from Klarna, but no confirmation order from Samsung?

  • Please contact Samsung Shop at: 0330 726  7467 


I have been rejected for the Upgrade Programme following multiple submissions to the Upgrade Programme, what should I do? 

  • You can call Klarna at: 0808-189-333 |
  • OR let yourself be known on the thread and a Community Moderator will be in touch. 


You can find me and the moderators here,



If this helps, help others discover it by hitting the 'Accept as a Solution' button. 






Just had a response from "Audrey" in Samsung Shop regarding the issue, they have said you need to re-apply for the phone using Edge or Safari

I mentioned about the hard credit checks and told her that i checked and my credit rating has gone down and i have a re-mortgage soon that will be effected  but she said that is the only way what a joke they don't care about our credit rating or us. They are blaming it on Klarna and taking no responsibility themselves it is not going to be resolved and i don't expect another call from Samsung or Klarna they are just burying their heads.

She did not like the idea of sending the S10 back and cancelling the contract as she said believe it or not i would be out of contract what a mess.


I have tried again on edge and it was rejected what a f@£&ing joke


So now I can't even purchase the phone even if I want to

The 128gb ultra grey in uk. Going through the upgrade program

And because my credit score is naff now through their incompetence I can't even try and buy another phone from anywhere else!!! Fuming...😡


SmartSelect_20200216-171611_Samsung Internet.jpg

Out of stock. Well to people upgrading anyway, Plenty of stock if a new customer. Yet more reasons to be annoyed 


How does the manufacturer go out of stock. Total farce  

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