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Samsung cloud to one drive.

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I was recently prompted to transfer my Samsung cloud data over to one drive and I would continue to receive my storage quota of 200gb for one year with one drive I completed the switch however the storage quota has not transferred along with it I do not have any storage on onedrive and I am unable to backup any more photos as the storage limit has been reached.

I've tried contacting customer service they told me to use Google photos instead which is a bit of a joke tbh anybody on here know any way to get this fixed ASAP ?
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one drive has 5gb free storage when you sign up, there is either something different when you do this or they wrote it wrong. I suggest you contact samsung again, if someone who works there hasn't replied, but I don't think there is anything else that I can do
The data offer is only for people who haven't used OneDrive or who haven't had a similar offer and used it at any point in the past. I got into the same problem and had to buy extra storage to transfer all my data to OneDrive.
ok, so I'm not very good with tech, however, I have had silly amounts of problems and issues with Samsung cloud, one drive, and google back up... I did the latest Samsung update on my 2 month old phone and since then my screen has been playing up bad, so, I backed up everything to Samsung cloud, one drive and my Google account, I had automatic backup selected anyway but I wanted to ensure I didn't lose anything so I clicked back up on them all anyway, it said that everything was backed up, so all ok..right?? Wrong!! I did the factory reset and then tried to put everything back on my phone, and nothing was there to restore back to my phone. iv lost everything, yet when I did all of the back ups, I checked that it had all been uploaded to the cloud, one drive etc., and it had, I backed up to all of them to make sure that I didn't lose anything, yet, I lost it all anyway. iv researched this, and alot of other Samsung people are experiencing the same problem. and with screen problems, all since the last update. so be careful about how and where you are backing your things up to.
samsung are apparently not taking responsibility for issues with the update problems. I'm so upset about it all. take care, good luck.
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