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Note 9 | Battery drain after updating to Android 10 (One UI 2.0)

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Hello everyone.


My smartphone detailes.

1. Note 9 SM-N960F, Android 10 (One UI 2.0).

2. Purchased on on November 19th 2018.
3. I always charge the phone with original samsung charger.
4. 99.9% of my phone apps are in sleep mode.

Almost immediately after I updated my note 9 to  Android 10 - the battery started to drain very fast.
I checked my battery life with Samsung members app, which gave me A message that I should visit Samsung technical service represantative.

Please let me know if you experience this issue and if you discovered what cause to it.

Thanks in advance!

@Tavor: Sorry to hear that you're having battery issues with your Note 9 following the recent update. If you charge your battery to 100%, use the phone as you would normally until it drains to 50%, then go to Settings > Device Care > Battery > Battery Usage, can you see any apps that are using an abnormal amount of battery? If so, please ensure that you close any of the highlighted apps when not in use via the Recent Apps menu. Can you also try the following basic power saving tips?
- Enable Power Saving mode
- Reduce your screen brightness (or enable auto-brightness)
- Switch off GPS, WiFi and Mobile data when not in use
- Delete any recently installed 3rd party applications

Hello Andrew.
First, thank you for the response.
Second, my note 9 battery life WITH OR WITHOUT gps, wifi was certanly better and longer in the previous Android version.
The battery drain is appear even in standby mode.
In addition, I'v noticed that there are more people with note 9 or with note 10 that experience the same issue.

For instance:

I having the same issue also! I need to charge at least twice from 15% to 100% daily after update the latest software.

@andrewl: Nearly exact same scenario as Tavor. I have tried the suggestions noted above as well. No avail. Still draining rather rapidly. Something new: since the most recent update, last week, my phone refuses to fast charge. I have used 3 different Samsung adaptive chargers as well as 2 different Samsung cables (one, being the original cable that came with my phone), as well as 3 different charging cables that have worked well, in the past. My port is clean. The fast charging from my wireless charger works fine. What now? Factory reset?

I am having same problem. But after going over various apps have managed to bring down the drain and dropped the display mode down to basic HD at moment. As you sid. Its only since last update. It also affects note10. Not good as its happed before. Have to waite for sammy to get there act togeather. 

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I have different issue seems like its a bug or software problem I don't know.

> When my battery is around 30% and I plugged for charging it drains while in charging. It goes to 15 wihtin seconds then 5 and 1%. Then it starts to charge. There is no fault in my battery. My battery life is good. According to screen time and application usage shown in battery usage of Samsung device health. It 100% good but this is the issue with the ONE UI, I believe. 

I contacted support center and they have suggested me to visit service center. But I don't know how are they gonna fix it. I am going to reset my phone to factory reset to see if there's any software issue or hardware. 


Hi all,


got exactly the same error message like described! Very annoying.

Talked to support, who adviced to send in the device....which is less than 2 years old.


Was about to go ahead and buy the Note20 and corresponding wearable. Not sure right now. When things like this came up on my (i-)phone provided by my employer there was a replacement programme that really worked out well.


Maybe the iPhone 12 will be a better choice. Although, I'd miss Dex and s-pen a lot! 




Hi again,


yes I did a full reset of the phone as well 😞 ....

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