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No SD Card on new devices - Not upgrading phone

(Topic created on: 29-08-2023 08:38 AM)
I'm sure this will align with many other users of the older phones with SD Cards. I cannot upgrade to a newer phone which I done mostly every one to two years due the the SD Card removal. 

Also have you seen the damage to the environment cloud storage produces, it requires a vast amount of water to cool the server rooms where the data is stored, it also has other affects on a negative side.

So not only is the removal of the SD Card an inconvenience, it can be a data risk as someone else stores your data and it affects the environment.

Please have a good think about future phones as I'm sure you and other manufacturers are losing business as users sick with older phones. 
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I use a type C card reader to move stuff if I need to
But cloud storage is what consumers now use more of
Guess that's why phones with SD cards are gradually dissappearing
I wished we could keep SD Cards in phones. But I've had to adapt as they won't be returning now.
Hi @Glenntech thanks for your reply. I also use the USB C card reader to remove files to keep the current SD Card storage down (512GB). I also use it to transfer Drone footage to the SD Card on the phone when required. I did have cloud storage then deleted it but have own personal storage at home. It's an inconvenience having to add and remove files but at least I can still add another 512 to take me to the 1TB on SD and remove if the phone ever gets damaged (which they do) and I still have instant access to the files on the SD Card.

The other issue is some areas within the UK are remote with no option to access cloud storage and although I have 2 phones, one with 240 GB data and the other unlimited, some users do not.