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headphone port issue

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I have a problem with my note10 plus phone. It is not detecting the headphones. When I play videos, the sound goes through the phone speaker. I tried reset, updated software and used a working headset but still not working. It is still under warranty though but I was hoping to fix it first.

Any ideas to solve this?

you don't say how you connect to your headphones. It could be wire or paired Bluetooth
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sorry. it is through the wired connection. when plugged, it shows in notification USB connector connected then disconnected
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if ur headphone works on another device then its ur note10 plus headphone port problem and if it doesn't work then its your headphone. Samsung headphone do have warranty on them. You can get it replaced.
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i tried my friend's headphone (working, and uses the same phone as mine), it didn't work when I plugged her headphone in my phone. So I guess it is the port that's having a problem. Just wondering if there are any software troubleshooting before going to a repair center.
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