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Note 10 Lite gone crasy! HELP

(Topic created on: 08-03-2021 11:19 AM)

Hi everyone,

Note 10 Lite (bought 12/2020) it all started on Mar5/2021 (chronologically)

doesn't charge with original adapter/cable (adapter/cable works just fine on other devices eg. A70)

charges normally with A70's adapter/cable

No charging when switched off with neither adapters

When switched off wont power on unless unplugged from adapter

When connected to PC witgh original cable, "check the connection" message popped up. didn't charge, couldn't access phone. Used diffrent cable, it charged ok and I could access files on phone.

Tried using AKG USB type C earphones, got Android System  alternating " USB connector connected disconnected" error messages, didn't work.

Hopefully left my phone fully charged and went to bed :smiling-face:

Mar06 : Daily Normal usage, didn't plugg it to charge, lasted till the next day.

Mar07 : the fun began, neither adapters did work. drained the battery, didn't manage to charge it, then tryed old 10W Samsung Note original charger and got it to charge while off (slowly but reached 60%).

What I tried : restart, forced restart disconnecting the battery, reboot on safe mode, uninstalling last app (Adobe PDF reader, witch weirdly dissapeared Feb28 after Security Patch installed), resetting all settings, whiping cash memory, debugging USB, enabling charge only (USB settings) on developer options. Nothing worked.

Now : phone gone crazy recognizing one of 3 chargers randomly. half of the times it wont charge, or constantly being connected/disconnected (with sometimes weird noises from speaker when plugged). same with PC, some times it charges and reads it, sometimes charges only, sometimes nothing happens when connected.

Any tips/advice ? Do I have to Factory Settings reset my phone? Got no answer from samsung yet. I just can't figure out wether it's a hardware issue or Software (most likely that has to do with the latest patch install)

PS : never got it wet, do not put my phone in my pockets (hence usb port super clean)







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When your local Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre reopens I'd suggest to visit to have the phone looked at @Azzamine 

In some countries Samsung have a doorstep repair service too.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Thanks @BandOfBrothers! Well I sure did after posting, they didn't know what was going on. Since I purchased my phone from KSA (living currently in Tunisia) I have to send it back there (for warranty issues) which is not very convenient for me at the moment. Quick update, I'm also experiencing other glitches now : black dot randomly popping (right next to lock icon near front camera) when unlocking screen, very slow pattern unlocking, Screen rotation issues, change in luminosity when changing volume Up/down in full screen mode. I really hope some update will fix all of it as Im starting to think it's all software related.