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Disappointed with my first Note 9

(Topic created on: 13-04-2020 07:25 PM)

As a first time user of a Galaxy Note 9 (but as Android user for 11 years) here is my quick review:

NEGATIVES / COULD BE BETTER: A sharper, better dynamic range and less Beauty Mode effect on selfie camera, better Scene Optimiser (AI) algorithm for both cameras, Allow full Android gesture navigation when on a third-party launcher ( a limitation on One UI; if Huawei and OnePlus can do it why can't you?), Faster NFC and Bluetooth (using Google Pay to travel in London it could be faster; connecting to wireless devices could be faster), Better scene optimiser (better AI in detecting specific scenes), Better battery life (screen on time in my experience has been between 3-5 hours and that is not good enough. Done almost all battery saving tip known under the sun apart from rooting the device and I would be very lucky if I still have 30% by 7pm based on my usage. From 100% at 6am i find myself charging by 9pm. That is not good. Huawei and OnePlus is way better), General performance - One UI 2.0 still have lots of work to do in terms of general performance, opening/closing apps, etc. Could be better,  Dual speakers could be louder, more bass, more "fuller" sound

OTHERS: Quicker updates based on customer complaints and suggestions (Samsung seems to have a history of not listening to its customers), Better trade-in prices for both Samsung and third-party devices,  Discounts for NHS staff (especially in this times of pandemic) when purchasing or trading-in devices via your website

Overall i'm partly happy but mostly in many ways disappointed too.

These suggestions need to be incorporated to the next update to the Note 9, Note 10 & S20 line of devices. I can't stress this enough. This is a very serious matter that needs to be acted upon. With a massive company like Samsung I expected more and better.