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USB Port - Moisture Detected

(Topic created on: 14-08-2023 07:37 PM)
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Aaarghhh....... had anyone had trouble with the dreaded 'moisture or debris in the charging port' .... after charging different Samsung phones, A52 & S21 Ultra, from the same genuine Samsung plugs and leads for the last 2 years all of a sudden they are both giving me the moisture detected message. I cannot reiterate enough these leads are NOT damp, the phones have NOT got wet, there is NO debris in the ports. A friends S22 has also started doing this, again no wet phone or lead..
The A52 is needed to take daily card transactions, was due an upgrade so got an A54.. at the advice of Samsung I brought a new lead, plugged it in and fine for 2 days then boom.. new phone doing the same thing!!
Did safe mode, still there.
Did factory reset, still there.
Did a hard reset... charged fine!! Then today when the phone was just sitting on the side, not charging, the alarm is back! 
How the helll do I stop this happening!! 
Again...NO MOISTURE...NO DEBRIS... WASN'T EVEN ON CHARGE... Samsung aren't aware of any issues.. is anyone in here getting this problem please? Any advice? Its driving me spare!!
(after Safe Mode was activated, lead put in then exited Safe Mode the S21 is, so far, charging fine, but then i can wirelessly charge an S series, A Series doesnt support wireless) 
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Are you able to let a Samsung Service Centre have hands on with your phone @Zoella101 

And or send feedback via your Samsung Members App.

There is also a diagnostic tool found in your Samsung Members App which you can run.

From what you write you have completed the troubleshooting steps available to you.

Some have reported that the issue disappears as mysteriously as it appeared !

I wish you all the best with this. 


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I have a A54 mine started giving me the alarm warning now it doesnt fast charge at all just normal charge only i have also tried everything but to no avail.