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some A52 5G questions:

(Topic created on: 08-09-2021 11:06 PM)

hello , I have a few questions please on the Galaxy A52  5G:

1.) how can I hide the top part where the front camera hole is without downloading a 3rd party app? - in A51 you went to full screen apps and then top right screen there were 3 dots and you can select it from there - on my A52 there are no 3 dots just a magnifying glass.

2.) How do you completely turn off vibration for the phone? I have gone into settings and can only see vibration intensity but no way to turn all vibrations off. 

3.) can Edge notification light work even when not using the stock android home launcher and when using a 3rd party home launcher?

4.) has the A52 5G got a proximity sensor on the front screen? - because I have downloaded a pocket screen lock function and set it to always lock and when I put my hand over front screen the screen still stays on.

5.) there seems to be an offer for some free wireless ear buds for the A52s 5G phone when you purchase it at 
I have a A52 5G is there offer for that? - there were no earphones at all in my box. 

6.) is there any way to turn off the HD voice calling and just have standard voice calls? 

7.) when I first got the phone I am sure I saw screen size in the settings along with Font size settings , now all I seem to see is font size settings only and no screen size setting any more , but the phone has downloaded a couple of firmware updates. Have they removed the screen size settings in the new update 

8.) they seem to have removed the 'live focus' feature on my phone after an update in the camera section , but some people say you can blur or add bokeh to the background after you have taken the picture now , but i cannot find that feature when I go in to edit the photo, all I can see is just add text to the photo or change a colour  or doodle on it. 

9.) did this model , A 52 5G ever have Live Focus feature for the Video? because I cannot see it?

10.) is there a built in app on the phone whereby if I get a new SMS message or missed phone call that a box will show when the phone is in standby until I read or clear the message? , I am not talking 'Always on' because I dont want to use always on , I just want a box to come on screen to tell me about missed call or SMS text message and thats it , nothing else. and just go off when i have either unlocked phone / read message or cleared messages . Seeing as the screen is OLED it should be OK the messages showing all the time for a long time and not wear down the battery. If there is not a built in app on the phone to do that could someone recommend a good third party app on the google play store to do that. 

11.) I cannot seem to adjust white balance (fluorescent/daylight/auto/tungsten) when in AUTO mode on photo ... does it really just choose AWB and if you want manual white balance but everything else auto you cannot and have to go to PRO settings to be able to change White balance?

Thank you and sorry for all the questions. 

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Samsung removed the option to hide the camera pin hole on some phone's.

You could look at Goodlock and it's plug ins or another Launcher such as Nova Prime.

Hopefully Samsung will reintroduce this option.

In your Settings Go to sounds and there should be the option to turn off vibration there in the vibrate while ringing toggle. 



I appreciate I'm using a different phone to you.

You would have to check that while using a 3rd party launcher. I haven't used Nova Prime in a while. 🙄

According to Specs the phone has “ Virtual proximity sensing ”

Check the Site you purchased the phone's from if they had an offer for free earphones and look in your Samsung Members App usually at the top to see if there's a banner to tap on that in connected to claiming earphones. Offers like these are usually subject to the phone purchased and eligibility dates.

HD calls / voLTE is usually a network driven feature so you may have to check the support pages of your chosen Network and or look in your phone app, then press the 3 little dots in the top right hand corner and choose settings / advanced Settings to see if there is anything there. 

I'm not sure on the other questions as I'm not using your model of phone.

A forum search or Google Search may yield further information and or await for another member to cone along and post. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Thank you very much for reply . I found out the vibration was a third party app called 'Light flow lite' that was causing the vibrations now i have uninstalled it the phone has stopped vibrating when i lock the screen. 

Shame about the 'hide camera hole' or hide notch feature - so i downloaded a third party app called 'round corners and hide notch' and that seems to have worked it at the moment . they should have left it enabled in the settings, why on earth remove settings like this? there are no benefits!