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Samsung Galaxy A70 Lock Screen issue. (SOLVED)

(Topic created on: 07-01-2021 08:48 PM)
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Evening all, in desperate need of help


Basically, i purchased a phone yesterday (Galaxy A70), and it has worked like a gem, used it for past 2 days, 0 issue, however over the past couple hours I've ran into a huge problem

When opening my phone i realised when i was putting my pattern in, it was not working, which wasn't a huge deal as i had thumbprint and face sensors. However this got much worse when I decided that i should restart my phone hoping that would help fix my issue, i was extremely wrong, now not only can I not get my pattern on, I can't use my phone. Due to the fact when you boot your phone there is no option to use thumbprint or face scan for whatever reason, I am fully locked out of my brand new phone! This is unbelievably painful as I've tried EVERYTHING to fix this issue but nothing will work for me.


What I've tried: Calling samsung support, told me to factory reset, i then tried factory resetting, didn't work, i can't boot the phone in the other mode to hard reset, i then tried using find my device to erase my data and start again, that also did absolutely nothing, and i now am out of ideas

**I do not have a samsung account linked to my phone as it is very new, therefore i cannot remote unlock**




As im writing this, i finally get my password!, problem is because i tried erasing the data earlier, the second i get on there and check my twitter, my phone erases and im back to square one,, my day is ruined.