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Samsung A52s - I need some help getting data off my broken device

(Topic created on: 11-06-2024 08:09 AM)

My Samsung A52s phone screen just randomly stopped working. It wasn't dropped and doesn't have any water damage, so I'm not sure what happened. The phone still vibrates when I try force reset and my alarm still goes off on it at the usual time. I have most of my photos and contacts backed up but there's still a few things I'd like to salvage. From what I gather the best way to do this would be to connect it to a TV/external monitor and attach a keyboard/mouse. Is this is even possible on this device? I bought a slimport adapter with USBc to HDMI output but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone recommend an adapter or any other way of getting the final bits of data off this phone before it's either wiped by a repair shop or I get a new device? 

I would be hugely grateful of any advice please! Thanks in advance



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Have a look at this official Samsung link @Varnie 


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Thank you for your reply. I have already checked the page that you linked but I have not found an option that works. I bought a slimport adapter with HDMI output in order to try and view the screen and connect a mouse/keyboard, but the model I bought doesn't work. - whether it is the phone that is incompatible, I don't know? I wondered if there was a specific type of multiport adapter I needed? The screen on my phone is completely black and there is no touch screen functionality. I have plugged my phone into my PC via USB but although it appears as a connected device I cannot access any files (I think this is because the phone is locked as I have tried several soft resets).

I have tried downloading software to remotely access the screen on my PC and also tried 3 data recovery software packages, all of which say USB debugging needs to be enabled, however it is not and I can't enable it without the touch screen. Do you have any other suggestions please?

Many thanks in advance