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Samsung A52s Boot Loop HELP

(Topic created on: 04-06-2022 10:12 PM)
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I bought an A52s 5G after Easter, so fairly recent and i had no issues, untill today.I had all my updates on time....updated some time ago so this wasnt an issue.Today i was walking home from a date and on the road i had about 25% battery and listening on spotify(in my wired headphones) to some music.I was about to change to instagram, i was changing apps and while i did the phone froze.It happens once in a while...not too often but i was used to it.To kinda reset it i closed the phone and tried to open it back quick(not restart just close the screen and turn it back on).After that it just restarted, very odd.I waited, and waited, and waited but the screen turned dark.After like 2-3 seconds it started booting up again.Using the buttons only helps to close the phone(and after a few seconds it tries to boot again) and enter recovery mode.The phone is stuck in an infinite booting loop and it also heats up a decent amount of heat, not too hot but not as cold as usually and i dont know what to do.I tried every option in recovery mode except factory reset.I have opened...charged, discharged, pressed, holded buttons while charging, while not charging.I did not manage to get it in safe mode not even once.The only times the phone feels responsive is after i dicharge it and put it to charge, i can close and open the screen to check the precent.Does anybody have a clue?..or am i doomed to go with the warranty way of things.I dont wanna lose my data and its just too much of a pain in the ass to factory reset.And if its not about the factory reset then i would be extremely sad.Help?

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Hi, if you have access to a PC emergency firmware recovery in Smart Switch for PC. Check out this tutorial