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Samsung A52s 5G WiFi max speed?

(Topic created on: 26-01-2024 01:59 PM)
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Hi guys, I've upgraded my internet package to 910mbps download and 900mbps upload speed but am really struggling to hit those speeds, am not getting any more than 300 download. Though my other family members have newest iPhone and s23 plus, they can get 500mbps+ 

So does this exact phone have a limit on the max WiFi speed we can get on the phone?

Can anyone please who has this phone let me know what max WiFi speeds you get? Would really like to know

So I can explain to my broadband provider about it
It's almost all dependant on your router and it's settings. That's basically it. Though the s23 and the newer iphones support wifi 6e, where the s22 does not. So your router might connect to them with that, instead of normal 5ghz wifi (6e is 6ghz)
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Hey there

You won't be able to reach 900mb on a WiFi connection. The highest currently is about 600mb and that is router and device dependant.

Not sure what you aim to achieve anyway. There would be virtually no difference between 300 and 900 on a mobile phone.
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So your saying it's capped to 600mbps download speed on the Samsung galaxy A52s 5G?

Well weirdly enough, my other family members achieved to get 500mbps download but I'm only getting 280~ Mbps download and I've run that different times, peak time and none peak time, still no higher than 300mbps, but I've had a laptop in wired connection and it got 900 so my router can handle the speed but WiFi seems to be slower. I understand I won't get 900 speed but it would be ideal if I could at least get 500mbps similar to what my other family is getting

I wonder if it may e to do with the 2.4ghz and 5ghz speed difference

I would presume the 2.4ghz won't reach past 300mbps?? Correct me if I'm wrong

My WiFi is dual band and it switches between which is best connection for the device, so if I force it to use 5ghz it may reach 500mbps ?
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No I'm not saying the A52 is capped.

I'm saying that WiFi cannot physically get over about 600mb to any single device, regardless of what that device is.

Ethernet can go higher.

As for the A52 I suspect that the WiFi card may well have an upper limit but I'm not 100%.
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I have the same problem. Samsung A52s 5G is not going beyond 290mbps.

I upgraded my broadband connection from 150mbps to 500mbps.

My Samsung tablet s8+ goes to 500mbps. My iphone goes to 500mbps. My laptop goes to 500mbps. All in wifi connection.

I use the same SSID for both my 2.4Ghz and 5ghz connection and band steering happening, which means devices will connect to the best band.

I dont want change my SSDI, separately for 2.4ghz and 5ghz, as this will affect 20 other devices in the home and I have to reconnect them all.

So to find out which freq my samsung mobile connects to, I used wifi analyser and found out it was connected to 5ghz. So this is not the problem.

Then I compared the difference between my tablet and mobile on network settings. My tablet was set to static and my a52s was set to dhcp. I found the free IP from router and used static ip on my a52s. No luck and same result.

Someone was talking about Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 6. Yes Wi-Fi 6E is faster. But does that mean Wi-Fi 6 cannot connect more than 300mbps?

Went to developer option and wifi scan throttling is turned on for both tablet and mobile. So this is not the issue.

I compared my tablet and mobile with the same wifi analyser app .. and both are connected to 5ghz .. it says Freq: 5180mhz (80mhz) ch36(42) on both..

By the way, I am testing all this sitting just next to the router.

if I reset network settings in mobile.. all my saved passwords for different ssid will be lost. So I cant do this.

in my wifi analyzer, under the connection, there is something called [WPA2-PSK-CCMP] 866mbps shown in tablet and it shows [WPA2-PSK-CCMP] 390mpbs in mobile.

So definitely, it is the capability of the A52s which cant go beyond 300mbs or 390mbps.

Obviously A52S is not a flagship mobile and a budget phone.

And for general public all these small details doesn’t matter.

Recently I bought a phone for my wife, which is oppo reno 11. Did a speed test and boom 500mbps. NO RECO.

Difference between flagship vs cheap phones.