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Samsung a52 Bluetooth issues while using wireless earbuds for calls/videocalls

(Topic created on: 12-05-2021 10:16 AM)
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It's long, but it is complete and comprehensive observation of the problem Hahaha

Basically what happens is, my a52 4G can't handle videocalls (and long calls) very well ONLY WHEN using wireless earphones, i've tested things that narrows my suspicion that the phone's bluetooth is the problem.

Scenarios that led me to notice this;
- My first encounter was during a ZOOM work meeting. I used my phone for the meeting while connected to galaxy buds+, the audio of the people in the meeting keeps stuttering a bit, but enough to lose some words during the meeting, similar to the sound of galaxy buds being barely out of range of the phone. Tried switching with my laptop while also using the buds and everything went smooth. I figured the internet was slow that day and thought laptops has faster connections than phones so didn't mind, but then my next encounter

- This time i was using DISCORD for group video call with my friends, a total of 6-7 people. This time the stutter of audios and videos was unbearable. I realized its not just the audio, but the video as well because they stopped moving the moment i connected the buds, and with this, the robotic stuttering voices.

- The last is during DISCORD also, but this one is call only, not much lag/stutter  30mins in, but as time passes stutters was getting frequent and stronger.

Reasons i think is with the phone/its' bluetooth;
- Using the wireless buds/earphones (tried samsung and bose brand) with laptop for meetings or group video calls has no issues
- If i remove the wireless buds/earphones from BT connection, calls/videocalls quickly smoothens out.
- Using wired earphones has no issue as well
- It's not the buds because i've tried both Galaxy Buds and Bose soundsport free, both give similar issues connected to a the A52.

Samsung's costumer service has given me 4 ways to try fixing this, so far i've tried the 3 out of 4. I haven't been able to fully test out effectiveness of these as i haven't been in a meeting or group call for a few days. I would've liked to know if someone has had the same problem (or hopefully fixed), because the fourth way of troubleshooting meant resetting everything to default, and i've done a lot of customization to my phone already.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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very keen observation, so nice 😎


just a tip, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi/data  uses the same chipset

if the device will undergo a massive memory/process consumption like connecting to Wi-Fi or data, the other connection has to sacrifice


reason why there are some apps or games which has warnings like:


"your device was detected that is connected to Bluetooth, for smoother network connectivity, disconnect from Bluetooth".


that's all 😉






(")_(") strawberry cake so delicious

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I'm not very techy but i thought that maybe having multiple sources of video & audio at the same time (as well as the process of decreasing the latency between them) causes huge load for the phone to process, which you just confirmed that it can be the case 😃

I have reset everything to default, but yet to test it out with online meetings.
Hope doing so has fixed the issue.

Thanks for the tip!

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I have the same problem with my A52 4G. I have never tested this with a wireless earbuds, but my problem is with my bluetooth speaker. So when I step out around 2 - 3 m from the speaker and the sound will start to stutter. I tried the speaker with another phone and it worked just fine.

So still waiting for a fix from Samsung