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Samsung A20 bluetooth stuttering

(Topic created on: 09/03/21 16:53)
Chima Okoro
First Poster
Galaxy A Series

Ok I'm beyond frustrated at this point. This werid stuttering has been happening for months and samsung has yet to fix the issue. It stopped for a mintue but has recently resurfaced. Basically they have somehow tethered bluetooth connectivity with wifi (or data) basically meaning the worse internet access you have the less range your bluetooth device has. This is so dumb and it's gotten to the point where even me putting my HAND in front of my phone starts making it cut in and out, and if I put my phone in my pocket it goes on the verge of disconnecting all together. I'm honestly just pissed at this point because I use my headphones almost 24/7 and no they are not the issue I have tested this multiple times. I'm putting my issue on the official website in hopes that actually fix this but they probably won't seeing as though they haven't done so even though this is a known issue.