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Prevent certain apps from using data

(Topic created on: 24-07-2022 04:08 AM)
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It still pains me that Samsung will not allow us to completely stop an app from accessing mobile data.  I know you will suggest data saver or restricting background data but thats not what i mean.  I want the right to stop an app like an offline game from ever using my Data.  Huawei and other Android phones have that option. 

Why should an offline game use my data to show me annoying ads? 

I want my data to be on while playing games but i don't want those games to waste my data.  If i turn off my data i won't receive emails and whatsapp messages. 

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You can go to Settings > Developer options > Running services, you can tap on active apps and choose to Stop. This will stop the app using data until you run it again. Remember, when you download free apps advertising helps remunerate the developers for their work. You can avoid this with most apps by purchasing the ad-free version. Developers need to get paid for their work otherwise there's no point in developing them.
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Yes, developers need to get paid but that doesn't mean i should suffer.  Data plans are expensive in my country.  Other android phones like Huawei have the option to completely stop some apps from using mobile  data,  why not Samsung.   It's ok to show me adverts when I'm connected to Wi-Fi not when I'm using mobile data