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Notes from earlier used smartphones via Smart Switch? Safety concerning the data this phone alredy has?

(Topic created on: 10-08-2023 07:16 AM)

Hi everyone,

My phone is Samsung Galaxy A52 5G. I also have two earlier used smartphones Samsung Note 3 and Honor 20 lite

My problem is that I have lots of important data notes in both of those phones.

I also have used this Samsung Galaxy A52 5G two years and have a great deal of data here as well.

This morning Samsung Smart Switch got an update and that made me think

1) Is it possible to upload data via Samsung Smart Switch from two earlier used smartphones while this phone already have several gigabit of new important saved?

2) Is there some way to get the notes from my earlier two smartphones to this Samsung A52?

3) Would the data, e.g Samsung notes or calendar data which I already have in my Samsung A52 be in some kind of risk, in case data from those twonearlier phones would be uploaded via Smart Switch to this A52 phone?

I do not dare even try this before I know is this idea safe and possible.

Thank you so much for your advice!

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I moved over 60 odd GB of music from an old ipod touch without any issues. You do need to make sure you do have enough space on your device to do so. You do need to leave a fair amount of space for your phone to run well. Does the A52 have an sd card slot. Maybe transfer what you would like to the sd card if is possible. It is possible, you just need to make sure you will have enough storage.


Thank you for your answer!

I wonder did you have in your phone the same kind of data that you brought in? Was all of your  earlier the data left unharmed in the process while you brought in the data from your other source?

Your advice about the space is so important! I quess I need to make of lot of space first in the newest Samsung!

And after that my main worry is that in case I bring older data to the newest Samsungs what would happen e.g. to those Samsungs Notes which I have a lot while I have used that application to make notes of all important. 

In case I brong Samsung Notes from the older Samsung, I wonder would that erase the newer ones? 🤔

Backups need to be done before taking any actions.

It all is some much simpler if there would be a totally empty, new phone. This worry rises upp ehole ai should need to bring older Samsung Notes to the phone that already contains two years of newer Samsung Note files. 

Thank you again Fiona26 and all you who have been reading this and possibly would have done something like I would need to do. Would love to here if some of you have tackled with same kind of thoughts and how did you solve them.




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I would back up your data first to be on the safe side, before using smartswitch. It should be just old notes that you transfer over. Don't think it will bring old software app data over.