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Its time to focus on quality of life instead of useless features.

(Topic created on: 04-10-2020 10:10 PM)
Over the last few android/oneui updates, you can tell both Google and Samsung are struggling for ideas. For example, messaging bubbles are cool, but not enough for a yearly update. And now that Apple are getting their act together more and adding updates that eat into Androids advantage like wigets and dark mode, its time to start adding things that android is still trying to replicate. Stuff like, while improving, the stiff animations. The random stuttering in the os. The hit or miss app support and optimisation. Even things like the new navigation bar feels stiff, laggy on occasion, and the colour doesn't mach in many apps. I think that Android and other skins have been riding on the technical and feature advantages that were the main draws to android a a few years ago, while Apple has quietly been adding features that made Andriod so appealing to many, while Android refuses to add features that make Apple so appealing.