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Intermittent bright vertical lines on screen (A52s)

(Topic created on: 15-01-2023 10:52 PM)
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Galaxy A Series


I bought a new Galaxy A52s 5g, and have had it for less than a week. Everything was working fine for the first couple of days, but yesterday I noticed two very faint but visible vertical bright lines on the screen, pixel width and spanning the entire screen height. I've attached an image showing these lines. They were most visible against a bright background.

I tried restarting the phone, but the lines persisted, leading me to think the screen could be faulty. What was strange though is that the visibility of these lines seemed to fluctuate, sometimes being very difficult to find, but other times being very noticeable.

I was thinking I'd have to return my phone to the seller on the basis of it being faulty. However, after running the USSD code *#0*# in the phone keypad (which opens a debug menu), and clicking on the R G B buttons, the lines seem to have completely disappeared, leading me to believe it can't be a faulty screen, and instead potentially a software issue?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, or has any advice on what I should do? It seems fine for now, but it was quite a prominent issue earlier and I'm worried the problem may return if left unchecked.

Many thanks!



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If you just got it I would return it for a swap out, no point waiting for it to become a issue before doing so.