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How do I save several motion photos (to be saved in video mode at once?

(Topic created on: 30-12-2021 09:16 AM)

Hi There! :smiling-face:

My phone is Samsung Galaxy A52 5G and I have thousands of motion photos.

1. How do I save several motion photos in video mode at once?

Saving one by one it is so extremely slow process and therefore I would like to save more at once. 

2. In case I the motion photos are not saved in the video mode, but they will be sent from the phone memory to an external hard disc, will those motion photos lose their capability to be saved and watched as videos afterwards?

Or is it necessary to save all motion photos in video mode already while they are in the phone memory?

Thank you so much your precious help! ❤️


A Healthy and A Happy New Year to Everyone! :smiling-face:

First Poster

Better late than never... 

I too was trying to find answers for this!
Disappointed to see you hadn't had a reply. I did some more digging. 

Found this thread on reddt.

I have a Samung S10+ 

I can multi select- Then click share -

Then Options> will appear under the part at the top which says how many Itmes - IE:

5 Items 
27.03MB Options>

I then click on options and select 
"Include all image and video date - slide this to on. 

In theory, I should now be able to share to google drive etc. with all video data included. 
I'll be playing around with it tonight to see if I can get it to work. 

So frustrating trying to share awesome motion pictures to friends who have iPhones or to my computer for back up. The lengths we have to go to!

I hope this works for both of us. 

Kind regards, 




Thank You Sam for your very much waited for answer! I am sorry for having been offline for months and therefore have not reacted to your answer earlier!

I will try that and tell later if it worked on my Samsung galaxy A52. It got Android 13 yeaterday and I was looking forward if this problem would have been solved but as ra as I have tested the phone there was nor a solution to this motion photo saving problem.

Samsung, would you please help us with this very much time consuming problem!

Thank you so much!