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Galaxy A80 Fingerprint scanner with screen off

(Topic created on: 02-01-2020 02:46 AM)
First Poster

Hi! I recently bought a Galaxy A80 and I must say I'm loving it. Just one problem though: sometimes, when I pull the phone out of my pocket with its screen turned off and locked, and then try to unlock it directly with the fingerprint scanner, with the screen still off, the fingerprint reader won't work. When it happens (randomly, I must say), nothing seems to activate it. The only way to make it function again is by turning the screen on, and then the sensor works fine. At this point, I have to state that both "double click to wake" and "pick up to wake" features are turned off, since I was experiencing problems with the screen turning on by accidental touches, even with the "accidental touch protection" function on (it doesn't seem to work very well, not even on the Galaxy 10, as a quick search on Google will show). By the way, the first idea that crossed my head was that this "accidental touch protection" feature was blocking touches on the screen and preventing the fingerprint scanner from turning on when I pressed my finger against it. Turns out, even with this feature turned off, the problem described above happens just the same. Therefore, I have no idea what is causing it nor how to fix it. Any ideas?