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Galaxy A50 in 2020

(Topic created on: 01-01-2020 02:49 PM)
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I decided to buy this phone, after months of research, so I would like to know if there are some problems making it less usable (buggy wireless, slow UI, battery life impacted by the software etc.).

According to mine results, I've noticed that

-bigger bugs on One UI have the least topics about on the most forums 

-the battery seems to be the best thing on this phone

-build quality is better than the others in the same class


So, I have some questions:

-How can I maintain the battery life of it ? I mean to last at least 2 days with frequent and hard usage, something I could do with my old J7 2017 for first 3 months (which will be my secondary phone now), now I can't (by hard usage I mean using multitasking a lot, not so much tweaking the OS itself, using Smart Network Switch and being in the zones with bad signal)


-How to find the flash file adequate for the model I will be using ? (If I get the adware somehow, which is more and more common on official Google Play apps unfourtunately, just to solve the problem in a minute)


-Which settings I should change just when the OS is initialized ?


-Should I actually buy it now, or wait for A51 ?



Driver1101: If you want to increase the overall battery life of your Galaxy A50 then please attempt the following steps below:
- Enable Power Saving mode (Settings > Device Care > Battery > Power Mode > Choose Medium or Maximum Power Saving)
- Reduce your screen brightness via Settings > Display
- Switch off GPS, WiFi and Mobile data when not in use
- Disable or shut down any applications when not in use.
- Delete any recently installed 3rd party applications
Helping Hand

Wait for the A51 in my opinion. It will launch at around the same price in a month or so globally and compared to the a50 it has:

A better screen with punch hole cutout and much thinner bezels, better front camera (32mp Vs 25mp), much better rear cameras (48mp main, 5mp macro, 5mp depth and 12mp ultra wide Vs  25mp main, 8mp ultra wide and 5mp macro on a50), nicer design, one more year of software updates and launches with android 10, 4k video support natively, edge screen etc...