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Galaxy A70 Water Damage Protection

(Topic created on: 06-10-2019 07:02 AM)
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I have a Samsung Galaxy A70.


Today I had an accident and spoiled tea all over my phone.


It was turned on. I turned it off. Had to use the touchscreen to turn in off. And wiped it dry from the outside.


After 10 minutes I try to boot it up a couple of times to see if everything is fine. However, it displays the « Samsung Powered by Knox » boot up logo and then turns off again.


Currently I have it burried in uncooked rice.


My question is:

Does Samsung A70 have a protection mechanism against water damage by refusing to boot until it detects that the water humidity has disappeared? (which means after 1 day in rice maybe it will work again)


Or is the phone damaged and this is the reason why it will not boot? (which means I have to buy a new phone and I have lost all my data)


Thank you,


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After leaving it in rice for 1 hour, it can now be booted normally.
(I immediately turned it off and put back in rice so I don't know if there is further damage (speakers, fingerprint sensor etc) but the touchscreen works)
I think the problem was with the "power button". I think it was activated due to tea damage and was "hold in pressed position" after I was turning the phone on, so that the turn off command was due to the "power button" and not due to some internal protective mechanism.

Also for the youtube videos, they show the A50 getting submerged (which has water resistance) and they claim it is A70 so be aware as this gives the fault impression that A70 has water resistance, but it doesn't.
(UPDATE: Based on the coment below, it turns out that A50 doesnt have water resistance either)
After 7 hours in rice, I turned it on and everything is working fine! Speakers, NFC, fingerptint sensor etc...
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Just to let you know, Samsung no longer keeps water resistance in any of the A 2019 Series phones despite having it in 2017 and A8 2018. The a50 was rumoured to maybe have it, but it was confirmed by Samsung it doesn't 

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It's good to hear your phone has survived this incident @Steliosaa.   :smiling-face:



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