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A10 to stay powered up.

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 My A10 doesn't turn on or just turns on for 3 seconds- literally! My sister bought me the A10 in Kuwait in June this year. I got it when she came to see me in July. I have not been able to use it. I only see that  it shows when it's charging but it won't stay on!! I've been so disappointed. I live in Jamaica where tge brand is quite popular but there is no HQ that can help solve my predicament.

Please help...

Sincere thanks.


@SBP1: Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your A10. Have you tried connecting to another compatible charger to see if the issue persists? As the phone is from outside the region it was intended to be used in, variances in the software and hardware could be causing you problems. You can try reaching out to Samsung Support in your region to look into your repair options, although this might not be possible due to our regional warranty policy. To find the relevant contact details, please check the link below.

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