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Galaxy A52S 5G screen flickering

(Topic created on: 04-03-2022 02:57 AM)

I am facing since october a screen glitch on my phone.

The phone did not get any damage by falling water or anything similar. 


While using phone there are some glitchy grey and some other color lines appearing as the glitches from older TVs of the 90s when the frequency was messing up. I almost hear the white noise when i see it. 

The glitch does not appear when the phone is screen recording nor when it is screenshooting. Therefore it most likely is not a software issue. Neither formats, updates clearing-cleaning RAM and apps, nor changing from 2G networks to 3G and above is resolving the issue. 

I have not seen this before.

After updating to the newest UI last Monday and updating in Galaxy store all apps + all apps from play store, I thought the issue got resolved because I did not see it happening again. I did not use the phone much either. This week was busy. 

Today, the problem appeared again and this time, even worse. What I discovered: The battery status was lower than 42%. Before the updates the battery charge did not matter, it kept happening. Now if the phone is charged above 42% it does not occur. Lower than 27% battery causes extreme glitches and the phone heats up while receiving a call. You might have to check the motherboards or charging boards and all the voltages, maybe even the antennas. There might be the issue, on the hardware, software-wise, even on safe mode it keeps happening. Rebooting, restoring, factory resetting and updating does not resolve it and it happens from the day you open the box. Please give us an update on this asap. 


I hope that video will also help  🙏 

Please fix our phones. I love this new phone . I don't wanna give up on it! 







@Members_QyZQXHI: Thank you for providing the above video to illustrate your issue. Based on the nature of the screen glitches, and their persistence following a factory data reset, I recommend reaching out to our Help Desk to arrange for the phone to be inspected by one of our authorised engineers. If you are based in the UK or Ireland then please follow the link below to find all our available contact channels.

If you're based outside the UK/Ireland then please get in touch with the relevant support team in your region, and an advisor will be able to assist you further, and arrange any necessary repairs. 


I also have this issue. Samsung Support or Samsung Oficial Service Center did nothing to my phone to fix it.  I've sent the phone already twice to the Service Center and they sent it back telling me to wait until the next update (11th of April 2022), but I don't believe that the update will fix the issue. I feel it is a lie. 

Here you can see my phone:

Samsung A52s 5G Display Glitch Lines - 1 

Samsung A52s 5G Display Glitch Lines - 2 




First Poster

Hello all.

Any news about this issue? I am thinking of returning the phone, but I really wanted it to be fixed.


Thank you very much.