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Galaxy A50 touch screen stopped working and unknown icon appeared

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My Galaxy A50 has been working fine then suddenly yesterday evening the touch screen stopped working. This icon appeared but I can't find out what it is. It's like a pyramid crossing a black circle in a white circle or an upside down tick in a circle (see photo) and appears below the battry indicator on the always on display screen or, pressing power, below the securitty message on the lock screen.
Anyone seen it before and know what it is? I can't now unlock the phone. Last night it seemed to try to recognise my finger print as it showed green in that area once but it didn't and subsequent tries did nothing.
I've tried a soft reboot, complete power off via the recovery menu and cleared the cache but nothing changes as far as the screen working goes and the symbol persists.

It may be the touch screen has gone but would like to know what the icon means in case there's a software solution to it.





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That icon looks to me as the set up icon when I first power on my Note 10.


Have you considered backing up and removing any relevant Sd card and factory resetting as a last resort @alleycatuk  and kr a hard reset by a set series of button presses ?


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