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Galaxy A32: Recent apps background darkening effect on Android 13

(Topic created on: 10-04-2023 04:32 PM)
First Poster

Hello everyone. I need someone with a Galaxy A32 updated to One UI 5.1 (the latest one, NOT One UI 5.0) to confirm me one thing.

It's about the background darkening effect when you access the recent apps screen from an app, and I will explain it here in fine detail.

On Android 12, when you opened recent apps screen whike an app is opened (not from the home screen), your wallpaper background was immediately darkened, so the opened apps better stand out visibly.

On Android 13 (One UI 5.0), a graphical glitch was introduced - the wallpaper background is shown in its full brightness, until the animation of opening recent apps screen has ended, and app's icon appeared on top of the currently opened app. Only then the wallpaper is suddenly darkened, which looks distracting.

My question is, did they fix this glitch in One UI 5.1 (the latest update)? See the attached video for explanation. Thanks in advance.