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Galaxy a14

(Topic created on: 02-08-2023 04:41 PM)
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The galaxy a14 is a good phone with a pretty good battery life .

It is quite fast when scrolling throught the home page just sometimes the screen is unresponsive not a lot but like for example sometimes when i am in youtube and a try to tap the arrow to go back at the top left of the screen it just freezes and dosent work and i have to reset the whole phone for it to work again

Good things:
The camera is decent especialy food mode because on my 6yr old galaxy s6 phone the camera was very poor but as soon as i got the a14 from 2023 the i could tell a huge difference in camera qauility

Overall this phone is great buget smartphone and would reccomend for anyone looking for a affordeble decent phone

Well done to: SAMSUNG