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Exynos Chipsets in A Series phones

(Topic created on: 12-08-2023 12:21 PM)
I currently own a A50 which ive had for 4 years with no major issues. The A50 as an Exynos 9610, and still preforms well with hardly no lag or stuttering. I wouldnt say im a demanding user, just using it for scrolling on the medias, taking photos, and occasional casual gaming- and the A50 has been great for me. I'm considering upgrading next year to the A54 next year, which has Exynos 1830, but all the reviews I had seen say it lags occasionally even on daily use- which is what i will be using it for. So i dont want to upgrade to a phone that occasionally lags and stutters, when my A50 doesnt much, and i plan on having it for atleast 5 years+

I only like samsung phones, but i would rather go with a newer phone that came out this year/2022 then a samsung phone that came out in 2021, because i want atleast upto android 16 in updates.

I want to know are Exynos chips really as bad as people say? Ive had no issues on my A50
After having the Snapdragon in my S23 Ultra when compared to the S22 Ultra Exynos version I'd never want to go back to the Exynos
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Agreed, I love the snapdragon but exynos isn't as bad as people make out tbh

People get bent out of shape as different regions get snapdragon which is superior over exynos
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Personally I haven't  experienced a problem with owning a phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon or Exynos soc inside.

Exynos has come on in recent years and in some instances has been shown to perform very well. 


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