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Changing CSC code on A52s

(Topic created on: 20-10-2021 05:46 AM)
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Hi, I have a new A52s, I bought it off Amazon, and didn't realise it was a grey import. It works fine with my provider (iDMobile in the UK), apart from WiFi calling. iDMobile say the problem is because it's German firmware (DBT CSC), so I started reading up on how to change this. All of the tricks using the phone dialer codes no longer work, so I downloaded the UK Unbranded firmware (BTU CSC), and flashed with Odin. However my phone remains as DBT. I ran Phone Info, and that says that my current firmware is only DBT CSC, with no others available. Anyone know how I can get this switched to UK CSC?

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I'd suggest to head over to and where you will see posts from Members and tutorials.

However please be extremely careful as not to cause stability issues.

Unless Calling over Wi-Fi is a must and as the phone is working well I'd personally leave the CsC and firmware well alone.

If things go wrong then Samsung UK may not be able to help due to its grey import status.

I wish you all the best with this situation. 


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