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Bluetooth A32 5G Phone No longer stays connected in my Toyota after last update

(Topic created on: 23-06-2022 08:49 PM)
First Poster

After the last update of my A32 5G, the phone can no longer maintain a connection to the phone portion of my car only the audio.  For clarification, I can only listen to podcasts or other music from my phone but not make any calls or receive any calls.  When I turn the car on it tries to connect the phone but after about less than a minute it disconnects the phone then after another minute it tries to reconnect it on an infinite loop until having to manually turn off the phone selector on the car itself after every start-up.  Again only the audio works and this only started happening after the last update.  I had the exact same problem with an LG that I previously owned, the phone would be on a connect disconnect loop but the audio would stay connected.  I thought I upgraded when I got this Samsung but alas, the same issue has reared its ugly head.  I have tried to clear the Bluetooth cache, unpair, re-pair, power cycled, and played with the different Bluetooth settings in the developer menu, but I'm at a loss.  The software in my Toyota Camry is current as well.  Any other thoughts on what to try would be appreciated, thanks.  Very frustrating.