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Anyone has a Galaxy A series (especially A71/A72?) frontal camera question PLEASE

(Topic created on: 30-03-2021 09:04 AM)
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Galaxy A Series


I recently got a Galaxy A72 (which is very similar to the A71 so if you have an A71 answer anyway please).

I work for a contact lenses company and for work I take close shots of my eyes, I would do this with my old phone which was a galaxy S9 and the pictures taken with the frontal camera would be extremely sharp, you could see every eyebrow and eye lash, great selfie quality for close shots.

I tried to do the same with my A72 and the close shots with the selfie camera are extremely blurry.

I mainly want to know if this happens to all of you and I will have to learn how to take them with the rear camera (which will be a lot more complicated), or as a Samsung "Expert" suggested I need to factory reset my phone and send it to repair haha. Im almost certain it's the phone camera not being as good, but now this Samsung guy made me doubt if I got a defective phone.

Thanks to anyone that can help!!