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Android up 13 - can't send MMS

(Topic created on: 11-12-2022 05:44 PM)
Hi, my A22 had android 13 update this morning and since that I've not been able to send MMS picture messages. I'm on giffgaff ....anyone had the same issue, if so how did you resolve it? Many thanks!
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Hi Anne-Marie , can you tell me how you fixed the problem as there will be others that will have this issue,this will be a good point of reference for them to look at. Thankyou
PS so glad you got it sorted as it is a pain when things should work and don't .. thx again


I have just got a Samsung S23 Ultra .. I previously had a Samsung S10 & S7.. The S10 or S7 had no issues sending MMS to any of my friends, if they had Samsung phones or different manufacturer smartphones  ..


Since i have updated my phone i cannot send SOME MMS messages .. I can send MMS messages to other Samsung users, but not other smartphone manufacturers users ..


I can only send MMS messages to my friends that have Samsung "Chat"  Advanced Messages activated on their phones .. You have Blue message bubbles, instead of the green message bubbles using Samsung Chat 

I feel the issue is something to do with Samsung Chat .. I am to with Giffgaff,  I have recreated my giffgaff APN settings on my new phone to what i had on my old phone (As i know they worked and i could send MMS messages to all my friends, NOT just the ones that had Samsung phones)


Can this please be investigated, as it is so annoying that my old Samsung S10 & S7 had no issues sending MMS messages to anyone and this top of the range Samsung phone i cannot for the life of me send MMS messages to all my friends .. Only my friends that have Samsung Chat activated on their phones in the message app .. 


I have always used the bog standard Samsung message app, so this is not the problem, and always had the Chat/advanced message option activated .. I have tried disabling it on my new phone and sending MMS messages and still no joy either way


I look forward to hearing from Samsung or anyone else who knows how to fix this annoying problem

For now i can only send MMS messages to friends who do not have Samsung phones via Whattsapp or facebook messenger ..



Hi  Anna Marie


I have the same issue as you .. How did you resolve the issue please 

I have just got a Samsung s23 Ultra and have the same issues with not being able to send MMS messages