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a8 2018 a530f missing features and performing poorly

(Topic created on: 23-08-2019 12:40 PM)

a8 2018 a 530f performs poorly on pie,animations lag even though i factory reset twice,the most annoying lag is when you enter the task switcher using the gestures and 99% of the time it drops frames and is never close to 30fps.

in the samsung members app samsung promised scene optimizer and didnt deliver.

the camera is missing slow motion,1080p 60fps,4k30 and better hdr.the exynos 7885 supports all those features but none are enabled on the a8,even the a7 has slow mo.

its just unfair for a8 users to have such a barebones feature set of the camera even though the phone was really expensive on launch.

i pleaded samsung on the members app to fix the lag and add features and they always responded with: we will make sure it reaches the software team and nothing happened in the past 10 months.

i used a galaxy a10 and even that phone for 150 euros has better performance and the animations dont lag as much with the same chip but underclocked
Helping Hand

Yeah, same on my a8 however with navbar it is smooth. My friends' s8 performs smoothly the whole time. As for the camera features, I agree with you. Many people, including me, picked the a8 after all the other 2018 a series had released because it was the only one without lacking features (only one with ip68, metal and glass apart from a9, notification led) and the a7 2018 gets all these features we should also get - even A6+ has slowed mo. Also, I really hope we still do get android 10 (wish there was still a dessert name) as a8 launched 2-3 months before A6 with nougat instead of Oreo and knowing Samsung they don't seem to care about specs (j 2017 get pie a 2017 doesn't?). Instead of updating overpriced devices with sd425 (j4+ and j6+) the a8 should get the update. Even I asked for slowed motion in Samsung members and guess what the reply was? 'Your device doesn't rhave the required specifications'. Oh, really? Why does a7 get it then?