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A71 microphone problem

(Topic created on: 01-04-2021 09:02 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

Hi. So basically, my A71 phone's microphone randomly stops working (any voice recording thing on the phone doesn't work and Calls too - I can't be heard and I can't hear them) and the only thing I can do it's a restart and it gets back to working. But after a while, or a random time, it stops again. It has been like this for like a month or two and it's getting SO annoying. Sometimes the phone freezes and it's like a "hey, your microphone crashed right now" *joke*(after it's starting to freeze the mic doesn't work. at all.). Please, please, please, I've done a:factory reset, changed sim slots (1 to 2 back and forth), restarted the WI-FI router, someone know what is this about?!

Superuser II
Superuser II
Galaxy A Series

I would suggest to try the diagnostic tools in your Samsung Members App and by launching your phone's dialer app and keying in *#0*# to test the mics.

If necessary a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre can take a look when they re open.

I assume the phone hasn't had an accidental bump or has had water get into it and the ports are debris free.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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