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A70 (SM-705MN) My phone isn't recognized by PC

(Topic created on: 27-01-2022 09:22 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

Suddenly, the annoying silent notification (connected/disconnected) showed up. Due to last system update, I think. I cleaned the USB port carefully, I reset all settings and even I restored factory settings but the problem persisted. Then I wiped cache and performed a hard reset from the recovery options and nothing seemed to work. I did some cleaning actions to Android System and I finally got rid of that silent notification (forever, I hope). However, I want to downgrade the Operating System so that everything's ok again, then I downloaded the firmware (from but I noticed that PC doesn't recognize my device anymore (It charges only). I tried with another (data + charge) USB cable without success. I tried on a Mac and PCs with MS Windows, GNU/Linux and OpenBSD (all of them with proper USB drivers installed) but phone wasn't detected. So, the problem is due to a software bug (or maybe a hardware issue, what I doubt). I know many ppl are experimenting this with that model, but SAMSUNG seems not to be listening? SAMSUNG seems to ignore its users, so we should start ignoring SAMSUNG as well... 😞