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A54 not registering on O2 network on wifi calling

(Topic created on: 15-04-2024 05:28 AM)
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I live in an area with no mobile signal. I bought an A54 from Argos and took out a contract with O2. Wifi calling works until my phone reboots. Then the O2 network is lost and I have to drive 2 miles to an area with an O2 signal to register on the network. It then works until the next reboot. I have had 3 months trying to get O2 support to fix this but after trying everything suggested I'm in the same place. O2 initialy blamed the Broadband service, but it's same when I try on friends Sky WiFi connection. Friends can reboot their phones on my Vodafobe broadband wifi connection and make calls. After several calls from the so-called O2 guru the blame was laid on my A54. My wife has an A51 on O2 and has the same issue. Anyone else had this?
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I'm sorry to learn your experiencing these issues 😔 

If you've also spoken to Argos, what has Argos said who supplied the phone to you ?

I haven't owned that mid range model of Samsung phone unfortunately so cannot share my experiences with that model. 

The contract with o2 may I assume is a monthly contract as your using Wi-Fi Calling. 

I use o2 Pay as You Go  and cannot use that service. 

However there are other networks I believe that let payg users have Wi-Fi Calling.

I would have used one of those so not to be locked into a contract that I can't use at home. This is in no way criticism directed at you.

It's possible the phone struggles to provide a connection if there is not a hint of network connection to then instigate Calling over WiFi unfortunately or it's an o2 sim problem that won't allow it. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate to ask.  😎 

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In addition to the excellent advice from BandofBrothers and this is reliant on a strong wifi connection.

Settings>connections >tap wifi calling>tap 'calling preference'>ensure 'wi-fi preferred' is ticked.
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Thank you. We tried everything O2 support and others suggested to no avail. Friends who have visited the house have tested with a number of different combinations of phone and service provider and all work okay.