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A52 no global vibration intensity settings (for call/notifications)

(Topic created on: 08-08-2021 03:11 AM)
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The A52 has no global setting for call and notification vibration intensity. This makes it hard to configure the vibration intensity, so if you want to change it globally, you have to go to every single app and change the setting from there. This is a extremely tedious process.

If that was the case for all phones, I wouldn't make such a post, but other phones do have this global slider. Even the S4 (my previous phone), a phone from 2013, has this feature. And it's not like a new phone thing either: One of my relatives' Note 20 does have this feature. I've also read on this very forum that this feature is also found specifically on the A8, a phone from 2018. Why only this specific budget flagship from 3 years ago? Who knows?

It feel like some sort of a poor-shaming move from Samsung. It seems to be merely a software caveat, as the vibration intensity can already be configured for each app, but not all of them at once. This isn't a new problem either. I saw forum posts about this very problem from 3-6 months ago.

I actually do like Samsung (literally every phone I owned (and even the ones I bought myself) have been Samsung phones). I think they're a good company with good phones. It's just a small problem with one of the settings.

Samsung, please fix/add this.

Edit: Found out that you can't even change each app individually. What an insult to injury.

Radu T
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I'd like to have this setting too, on my A32 4G.

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Just got my a52 yesterday and nothing I've tried let's you turn off the dumb vibration even individually. Very displeased.