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A032s Android 11 update - wifi calling on iD stopped working

(Topic created on: 28-05-2021 01:39 PM)
First Poster

On 27th May 2021, Samsung pushed out an upgrade to my phone, which I (mistakenly with hindsight) accepted. Wifi calling has now stopped working. I bought the phone SIM free, brand new, three weeks ago having specifically confirmed that it supported wi-fi calling on my iD SIM. 

The phone supports dual sims and having tried every permutation of adding/removing the SIM before/after switching off/on, in and out of airplane mode and even turning anticlockwise three times nothing has resolved the issue.

Interestingly my work phone, (iPhone 7 on EE) which works fine on wi-fi calling happily allows my iD SIM to be inserted and supports wi-fi calling. Similarly, I can put the EE SIM into the Samsung A032s and wi-fi calling also works fine.

Does anyone have any thoughts where responsibility for this might lie, clearly the iD SIM appears to work in my iPhone, just no longer ,since the upgrade, in my Samsung A032s, and likewise my EE SIM works on wifi calling in my Samsung A032s. 

(Of course there is always the delicate irony when you try to get this issue resolved and try to register in the Samsung community and they want to send you a text message with a verification code...... spot the deliberate mistake....?)

Here's hoping.....