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One UI 2.0 the Good & Bad so far

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Let get talking about One UI 2.0...

What are your favourite changes to the new One UI as well as the not so good changes..


I have to say as a whole I am impressed with the new polished One UI, even in its (Pre mistake release) Beta stages, it is very stable.


Ok for my favourite changes are:

:smiling-face: The new Media & Devices shortcuts in the notification tray.. makes my Smart home even easier to access


:smiling-face: The new camera layout with easy acces filter/ Zoom shortcuts


:smiling-face: The New Gestures for Navigation


:smiling-face: The battery life is loads better


The not so Good

:face-with-rolling-eyes: I would have liked to have seen more customisation e.g full icon packs not just Samsung apps or even just icon masks like the ones in developer settings.


:face-with-rolling-eyes: Changes to lock screen colour & other personalisations don't apply till after restart


OK so now it's YOUR turn so have some fun, and remember everyone is entitled to have their own view on what is good and bad, we all like different things (which is why Samsung has a hard job of making us all happy :winking-face:



The keyboard is fixed so that's good not checked the status charged icon information yet that was always on while the screen is off regardless of the setting.


I'd really like to get that old "smart things" panel back for audio output device switching.

Is there a suggestion for it already? I can't spot it. If not, I'll create one.


I've found it even more frustrating over the last few days whilst I've been using earphones more often, and having to switch between devices. 

One big "no" for me, is that it takes you out of whatever app you're on, and that should not happen. The OS should NOT interrupt my activity for the sake of changing audio output device. 

Watching a YouTube video, wrong device is selected, I have to leave the youtube app to switch output device.

Playing a game, and again I have to leave the app if the wrong output device is being used, which is extremely frustrating for multiplayer games because I have to leave the session by switching apps. 

I can't believe the new method was considered a good idea to implement. 


Started to use the full gestures constantly now and muscle memory is working its magic I emabled the swipe back over the keyboard and it's all good to me  😁


Are people still having issues with Google Pay thinking the device is rooted or altered.


Hope Samsung can fix the security issues in the next Beta update.


Samsung Pay works with no issues at all though.


Hi @GaryMcEwan1872 , Google Pay will never be available in the Beta program as Google only certifies final official versions of software where they are assured that the device is 100% safe.

Beta software cannot be confirmed as safe so will not get Google Certification until the official release.

Hope this helps


@BenGinders Does that also render the QR Codes for my Boarding Passes in Google Pay useless as well then, or will they still work?



This will still work along with other loyalty cards etc you have stored in Google Pay

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It kinda sucks how laggy the home screen can be at times. They need to fix this in the next update! (I've heard that dropping down to FHD+ can fix this, but it should work with every resolution that Samsung offers)


Hi @Penumbra-01 have you submitted Beta Feedback in the Samsung Members app, this wil give the Devs a better chance of fixing all niggles :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


@Penumbra-01 mine isn't leggy. I'd expect some lag in betas because there's loads of extra logging going on and that adds some lag/stutter. 

How many home screen pages do you have? Are they full of widgets?


I only have 3 pages, no widgets. One page with all my icons I use most, one blank page, and a 3rd with a few more shortcuts.