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Too many battery options


We have adaptive power saving 

Adaptive battery 

High performance 


Medium power saving 

Maximum power saving 

Put unused apps to sleep

Sleeping apps 

Power mode in quick panel 

Then a separate device care screen to optimise battery yet again with ram ,storage and security that's not needed .

How about samsung just optimises this for us in the best possible way instead of all these unnecessary options ,why should I have to slow my processor down to save battery or lower my resolution, put everything to sleep in the background ,might aswell use another phone if that's the case where I dont have to do all this just to get good battery life , the graph and all these options are a mess ,its as bad as the bloat that cant be removed .

I would prefer to have control over what I allow to use my battery as opposed to a one size fits all click a button which may affect things I don't want touched. You only need to set up your phone once and possibly tweak it.
Not an issue for me.

I prefer to have my battery optimised properly by Samsung and not have to do it myself ,no need for all them options at all , plenty of other phones out there that have a solid battery life without all that mess.


And worst of all was "battery since last full charge" was removed to cover up poor battery usage, even though the data is available and being recorded. 

I have things that have to have priority than others, how is Samsung supposed to know that? I'm a contributor to an Android forum where people constantly complain of inflexibility in mid range and lower devices .
I embrace it. You confuse me, seems like you are looking for a dumbed down phone yet participate in the Beta program.

I'll gladly take features that are useful but not a list of battery settings asking me to slow down my processor etc just to save battery , I dont pay a thousand to optimise my own battery. on some phones you can have everything turned on and because of good optimisation it doesnt drain. 

It's a beta forum so yeah I'll say what I think needs addressing as that's the point of it .

This is not unnecessary. If you put it in optimised mode with adaptive power mode on it optimised the battery for you. Some people like high performance mode if they are playing games. Some like medium power saving to save battery some like maximum power saving mode if there device is running low and they cant get to a charger soon.
Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hello @Christo1986 


I totally understand how you feel, but different users have different needs. 

Battery optimization and control over it are one of the major topics that users bring up during any improvement conversations.

There are already many processes that work in the background that have the goal of improving the battery performance, but some of them are related to the usage of the device (like putting apps to sleep etc.).


And we belive it is important to give users some ability to control it in the way it is comfortable for them.


Optimised battery mode with adaptive power mode enabled optimises the battery life for you.