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One UI 2.0 the Good & Bad so far

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Let get talking about One UI 2.0...

What are your favourite changes to the new One UI as well as the not so good changes..


I have to say as a whole I am impressed with the new polished One UI, even in its (Pre mistake release) Beta stages, it is very stable.


Ok for my favourite changes are:

:smiling-face: The new Media & Devices shortcuts in the notification tray.. makes my Smart home even easier to access


:smiling-face: The new camera layout with easy acces filter/ Zoom shortcuts


:smiling-face: The New Gestures for Navigation


:smiling-face: The battery life is loads better


The not so Good

:face-with-rolling-eyes: I would have liked to have seen more customisation e.g full icon packs not just Samsung apps or even just icon masks like the ones in developer settings.


:face-with-rolling-eyes: Changes to lock screen colour & other personalisations don't apply till after restart


OK so now it's YOUR turn so have some fun, and remember everyone is entitled to have their own view on what is good and bad, we all like different things (which is why Samsung has a hard job of making us all happy :winking-face:


I've cleared the cache and preformed a device reset. Still the same for me. I've noticed that the lag is with the One UI launcher. Switch to Lawnchair and the phone is bitterly smooth. The downside of that is the jankie app switching.

I think there are memory holes in the first BTU release for the UK.

I like the new features- they feel gestures natural! 

One thing I really do not like is the huge gap beneath the keyboard. You used to be able to resize it and move it right to the bottom of the screen, but now it is weirdly high up on the screen and not very comfortable to use. Anyone else found this?


In the navigation bar settings, disable the keyboard icon at the bottom. Then you can move the keyboard right to the bottom again

I completely missed that- thank you so much!

Battery life is stella!!!


@M4T2009  as @ARamsay  said it can be hidden but personally I like having it on purly for being able to hide the keyboard.

@adylee totally agree the battery life is great compared to Pie 


Yes the battery for a beta really is outstanding for me anyhow and its noticable lost only 2% on a 35 minute call.


Im not sure about the new gestures yet maybe it's because muscle memory needs to kick in

Im still using the swipe of old.....

I keep swiping back....and the new gesture brings up the multi window but requires the swipe and hold 😬


@adylee it took me a few days to get used to.  I kept on showing Google assistant when trying to go back (the way it was previously with the swipe up at right side of the screen)

I'm sure the muscle memory will be re trained shortly :hand-with-index-and-middle-fingers-crossed::winking-face:

Exactly the same i like learning curves...so I'm staying with it a while.