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No supported app for this nfc tag pop-up


I use a Samsung case with a card slot, and a card in it. Been using the same setup on previous android with no issues. 

Samsung have  added a pop up to say "No supported app for this nfc tag"

The issue is that the pop-up has to be dismissed before interacting with the phone, especially annoying on the call screen as it means pressing twice to hang up the call... Meaning most of the time I put the phone down not realising the call is ongoing. 

Anyone else having this issue? 

Samsung told me it's a change of strategy for android 10,which really concerns me... 


Glad to hear it's not just me. Damm update also wiped all data from my associated bank app too. Reluctant to remove card from case but my sanity is important to me so..

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Mine just started doing this yesterday, I'm wondering why?

I took the card out and yes it did stop. Thank you because it was really annoying.


Take your bank card out of the slot and it stops. There is something with the chip that sets it off on the phone.


It's very annoying indeed... started a few weeks ago... 


I'm having some improvement with this NFC popup.  I carry a bank card and my State ID in my phone case.  After I placed the bank card underneath my ID the NFC popup message stopped.  It must be related to the bank card and its proximity to something inside the phone.


Except that my phone case is the only place for my to carry my bank card!


My card was shielded by my driving licence and this was ok for a long time, but since the last update I get the pop up always and continously... I had to deactivate NFC... and now I have to reactivate every time I want to use the virtual card...



A colleague has a Samsung note 10+5G and android 10 update.

The pop-up is not seen on his device (I tested with the same card) , so this cannot be a limitation of the android 10 version, and there is another way to handle it. 

Please discuss with the developers again, that would be of great help!

How can we formally raise this as a defect so it gets looked at? 

Amazing this worked a treat 👍🏼