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Exynos S10+ Battery drain on Beta


My exynos s10+ is DRAINING excessively with the new beta software. While I was sleeping, the phone has lost nearly 23% of its power where the screen is on for just 20 minutes post a full charge. The power management for the exynos was already very bad with the Android Pie software for the exynos variants. (unfortunately I am unable to attach the screenshot with this post) 


The general expectation is that with a newer version of OS the battery should always get better no matter what. I believe that should be the same with my phone as well. 

I wish this issue gets fixed somehow. I have already submitted a report as well. 


@TomaszT just tagging u to bring the issue to your notice. 


I'm here commenting on a forum for the Android 10 beta on S10 devices- you dont think I know that?

Again, it is relevant.

How about this: compared to other devices, the android 10 software running on S10 devices is lacking and could do with some improvement. 

It's a suggestion relates to the topic. 


If you have nothing to contribute to the topic, just don't post. 


Over a year old ? Came out in March 19 and yeah I expect more for a 1000 pound device when rivals can offer more atm.

What more can they offer that samsung cant? Samsung has the most features than anyone else. Plus they use there curved screens. The galaxy devices are the very best of android. Samsung and the galaxy range is what made android is what it is today. Face it what Google add the Samsung galaxy range already has. For instance android 10 brings no new features that was in samsungs version of android 9 it's just layed out a bit different. Please tell me what vanilla android 10 has that samsungs android 9 doesnt already have.
Please post what the s10 on android 9 is lacking that others on 10 have. I think you will find the s10 on android 9 still have more than other devices that are running on android 10