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Exynos S10+ Battery drain on Beta


My exynos s10+ is DRAINING excessively with the new beta software. While I was sleeping, the phone has lost nearly 23% of its power where the screen is on for just 20 minutes post a full charge. The power management for the exynos was already very bad with the Android Pie software for the exynos variants. (unfortunately I am unable to attach the screenshot with this post) 


The general expectation is that with a newer version of OS the battery should always get better no matter what. I believe that should be the same with my phone as well. 

I wish this issue gets fixed somehow. I have already submitted a report as well. 


@TomaszT just tagging u to bring the issue to your notice. 


All the battery saving techniques do nothing ,if you put the battery on medium power saving mode which slows the processor down you can see a bit of a difference .

It's the exynos processor that is the problem , can guarantee it.


My S10 is at 3 hour screen on time with just 15% left (now 12%, a bit more time has passed).

So I'm looking at 3.5 hours in total. 

Just over 11 hours time since taking it off charge  - so about 8 hours screen off, 3 hours screen on. 

I have been listening to some music this afternoon, and podcasts this morning. That's where optimisation would be welcome - I know that an iPhone X can last something like 8 hours of bluetooth audio listening with a screen off. 

I've listened to music and podcasts for a total of 2 hours since this morning, and that's what has used up most of my battery today. 



This shows it quite well. 

My last iPhone was a 6S, and I regularly listened to Amazon Music using bluetooth earphones. Mostly streamed, as I have done just now, as I don't  usually download songs for offline playback. 

One thing I was particularly impressed by was that listening to music for an hour would only use about 2% of my battery at most. And that was 4 years ago. 


It's not the prossesor that's the problem. How much battery life do you expect? Dont forget 4 hours sot and all those apps running in the back ground. You lot expect far to much from the battery after the s10 is over 1 year old


Good battery life I say. Dont forget it only has a 3400ma battery
That's ceap I know people with iphones and brand new iphones and there batterys are worse than my 1 year old s10 battery. No chance does an iphone battery last longer as the iphone battery is much smaller

S10 came out in March (ish), so it's a fair bit less than a year old - just 8 months.

Yes - generally the iPhone 6S was naff when you actually used it in your hand, that was one of the reasons I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S8 (*actually, may have been the S7).

But for listening to music over bluetooth, I couldn't  fault it. 



This is a s10 beta program forum not a iPhone or s8 or s7 forum. Please keep all your comments related to s10 only

No - it's a forum for discussing features, suggestions, and areas of improvement, so a comparison to the same function being done better on a different device is totally relevant. 

It's an area of improvement when compared to devices in the same category. 


First thing iphones run on ios not android. Galaxy s7 and s8 are on android 8 not android 9 or 10. iPhone is not relevant nor is the s7 or s8 as they run on a different version of android. This is a android 10 beta forum not a official s7 s8 or iphone forum. Nothing is relevant to this forum as soon as you mention iphone or s7 or s8. Please keep all your comments relating to s10 and android 10 only